A Complete Guide to QR Codes  


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The advancement of technology is changing traditional business methods. Whether it is a business model, working device or payment methods, technology is always there to smoothen the process and support the whole working culture by its productivity, rapidity and effective output generation. QR codes are one of the tools from the wide-spread family of technology. It is the new face of payment methods. QR codes are slowly but steadily replacing the cash transactions.

QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes which contain all necessary information of the associated product in machine-readable format. It includes the data in standard encoding format which consists of a numeric, alphabetical and binary symbol to store data. A black and white image (nowadays it is ornamenting itself with multiple colour combination) that could read and the information embedded in it processed through an imaging device like your Smartphone’s camera and redirect you to the website or payment gateway, or whatever is associated with it.

As smartphones are getting more space in our lives and we want every convenient way which could be accessed through our phones; QR codes are also getting the same space in our lives and smartphones.

Features of Quick Response codes

The following quality of QR codes helps it to establish in the area apart from the automobile sector where it stars its journey.

• Fast readability

• Excellent storage capacity in comparison to regular UPC barcode

• Product tracking system

• Item recognition feature

• Time monitoring ability

• Data management system

• Common marketing tools

• Reed-Solomon error algorithm to process the data resides under it.

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